Thursday, January 5, 2012

Six years ago I was blessed with meeting a wonderful man and along with this wonderful man came two beautiful children. Having two children of my own I never thought that life could get anymore interesting and challanging all at the same time. In the beginning of my relationship with my husband I was introduced to his two children one girl and one boy, having a girl and boy of my own I thought whats two more. I really had NO clue what laid ahead of me. My two-step children are great but sadly they have come from a broken home causing them many problems physically and emotionally. Having to understand this I thought " We can do this" thinking that the hubby would be supportitive in ALL ideas and desicions that related to his two children as well as mine.

During the course spending time with all the children I also became familiar of the ex wife. This is something I'm really not able to deal with for she makes everything impossible and it's VERY frustrating! I never personally met her but feel that her parenting skills could use some work. During my journey with my husband we currently have our son together and he's such a blessing. So all in all we have five children, but sadly only four live with us. Sadly my husbands son who went for a visit with his biological mom for the summer was never returned to us per the court arrangment. So currently we only have his daughter, my two children and our son.
Recently, I have been faced with many challenges with my step-daughter, her mother hardly ever calls and this has become a problem for Faith. She has become withdrawn from her studies and has even been making choices that arent so great for her. She also likes to tell stories in which can cause her more problems then what she needs.

Challenges have become bigger and bigger between Faith and I as well as her father and I. He seems to think that talking to her goes in one ear and out the other. I for one I'm overwelmed by her behavior and sometimes feel I need guidance in order to focus on the bigger picture..... to me the bigger picture seems to be she's broken and can I fix her or at least guide her in a better direction? With all of this going on I'm praying for her in hopes that she will see why we set rules and assign chores and so on. Im very concerned about her future and all I can do is pray that God will watch over her and help her make better choices during her everyday activities.


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